Mission Statement

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By declaring a commitment to psychoanalysis founded on the writings of Sigmund Freud, and taking account of subsequent developments in theory and practice, we do not offer allegiance to any one particular ideological orientation within the field of psychoanalysis.

This is the Mission statement of the site:

  1. Spreading the knowledge of psychoanalysis and all of its applications, theoretical, clinical and cultural. Our intention is to foster and support psychoanalysis as a clinical praxis, as a valuable perspective on human society and culture, and as a way of expanding human understanding;
  2. To introduce psychoanalysis to non-experts. To disseminate knowledge about psychoanalysis, to health and allied professionals and to those who are seeking treatment
  3. Provide a further opportunity to learn about new developments in the field of psychoanalysis;
  4. To aggregate and share resources with colleagues, especially those with different orientations; to encourage members to share announcements and views on topics of professional interest;
  5. To provide and/or support psychoanalytic treatment and to facilitate access to therapists working psychoanalytically.

You are invited to explore our world, to investigate our opportunities for learning, to seek help by local clinical services, to propose new initiatives for us to consider.

We welcome your interest and your curiosity. As you immerse yourself in this website if some information which you are seeking cannot be readily found, please email us for answers.


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